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At BORN + BORROWED Holistic Beauty, a mindful approach is taken in encouraging your natural radiance to flourish, with treatments promoting relaxation and transformation, inside and out. You're welcomed without judgement wherever you are on your journey in beauty and well-being, and whether it's your first time to the studio or you return frequently, please know that you're appreciated and valued each time you visit.


In addition to nurturing, natural skin and brow care, the apothecary and treatment room shelves are stocked with thoughtfully chosen goods from small businesses creating unique, vibrant, cruelty-free products. Many are handmade in small batches and contained in low waste packaging. I strive to collaborate with companies that tread lightly, give back, care about the world we live in, and whenever possible, are founded by women, people of color, and LGBTQ folks. I truly believe in the products I recommend, and when you purchase them for yourself or as a gift, you're supporting good people doing good things.

FRANCESCA (she/her)


A Bay Area native, I've been a Licensed Esthetician in practice here since 1997. In that time I've owned both a full service salon and spa as well as several holistic skin care studios, including Elixir, Alchemy, Shimmer, and Opalene.

While I believe most people endeavor to feel beautiful, this means something different to each of us, and although what's attractive to the eye is subjective, being relaxed and confident tends to reveal our inner glow. My intention is always to support you in recognizing the distinctive, natural beauty that’s uniquely yours.

It brings me great joy to provide a respite from life's daily stresses, while encouraging self-care and acceptance as we all navigate the ever-evolving stages of our lives. I'm honored by your trust in me each time you visit for a treatment or make a purchase.



We are all born with and grow into our natural beauty, and over time, to enhance that unique beauty, we may  borrow from nature, folk wisdom, science, and the world we live in. This duality is healthy and I've embraced it in a holistic way as I've been moving through my 50s. You may be reading this while in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s. I see tremendous beauty in you, and I hope you feel the same way about yourself!

"Such a profoundly relaxing and nourishing experience" - Nanou

"I leave feeling not only has my skin been nourished, but my whole self" - Sarah


"A blissful experience from beginning to end" - Ali

Holisitc Skin Care
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