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I believe in a gentle, nourishing approach to healthy, beautiful skin, healing the skin's protective barrier while carefully encouraging cell turnover in a moderate and controlled way. My high-touch, low-tech facials are not typical or conventional, as the primary tools I use during your treatment are my hands. My treatments are slow, thoughtful, intentional, and highly intuitive. Various massage techniques are extensively utilized on the face, neck, shoulders, and upper chest to move lymph fluid, release fascia adhesions, melt away underlying tension, increase hydration and circulation, reduce inflammation, and minimize congestion. Warm towel wraps and pure, effective oils, serums, balms, enzymes, plants, flowers and herbs from Botnia Skincare are blended to support my hands-on work, enhancing the cleansing, smoothing, and brightening effects of your custom apothecary style treatment. The result is a soft, glowing complexion and a more calm, relaxed nervous system. Your facial treatment should mostly feel really wonderful, and while drifting off or falling into a deep sleep isn't guaranteed, it's quite common. Occasionally there may be a bit of discomfort or a new sensation, but your treatment is about you and I always encourage questions and feedback.

Choose the duration that works for you, and I'll create the most appropriate path at the time of your appointment, depending on your skin, state of mind, and desired outcome. 

Please note that I work with women and non-binary folks at this time.

Custom Apothecary Facials

65 minutes - 145.

An abbreviated but still wonderful treatment (no extractions)

80 minutes - 180.

A complete and blissful experience

95 minutes - 215.

More expansive time for everything

Gratuities are respectfully declined


I specialize in natural brows, respecting anatomy and bone structure to create your most beautiful, balanced shape. I tend to be conservative in how much hair I remove since it’s far easier to remove more than to wait for hair to grow back. A combination of hard wax and tweezing are used for the most comfortable treatment and best result.


Gentle, long lasting Refectocil Intense Brown Tints (the only FDA approved and allowed tints available to use in California), define and enhance lashes and brows. You can wash your face, swim, and wear contact lenses as usual; hair color can be deepened and gray covered. Most visible for those with light to medium hair, and medium to long lashes. Color typically lasts lasts up to six weeks.

Brow Shape - 40.

Brow Tint - 40.

Lash Tint - 40.

Trio - 110.

Gratuities are respectfully declined


I try to make waxing as quick and comfortable as possible. Please allow three weeks growth prior to your appointment, and keep in mind that pregnancy, menstruation, alcohol and caffeine tend to increase skin sensitivity. For your protection, waxing is not performed if Accutane has been used within six months, and shouldn’t be performed if you’ve used hydroxy acids, topical vitamin A, chemical peels, acne treatments or antibiotics within two weeks. All of the above can thin the skin and cause it to lift – painful and not pretty. Please avoid sun, hot water, and active products for 24 hours post waxing to avoid skin irritation.

Upper Lip - 20.

Chin - 25.

Cheeks - 30.

Underarms - 30.

Gratuities are respectfully declined

"Always such deep nourishment and care" - Sara

"There is nothing is more rejuvenating and replenishing" - Judith

"Francesca is gentle, attentive, and a master at her craft" - Amy


"Walk in tired and dull, leave feeling relaxed and vibrant" - Sherry

Botnia Apothecary Facials
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