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There are countless choices when selecting personal care items, making it a confusing and daunting task. Skincare is like food in that not everyone will be drawn to the same thing, but I'll help you in discovering products that are appropriate for your skin and are a pleasure to use. A simple routine can be adapted as needed according to changes in health, age, weather, preference, etc.​


Science based botanical skin remedies, truly customizable by blending raw ingredients at the time of your treatments, and nourishing results oriented home care. Handmade on Sausalito, CA.


Gentle, nourishing bar soaps for face and body, with a smooth, creamy lather that easily rinses without leaving a film on the skin.


Creamy, long lasting lightly flavored lip butters in compostable paper tubes.


Low waste, skin loving, multi-purpose color cosmetics in compostable and refillable packaging, and beautiful vegan application brushes.

Also in stock are cotton wash cloths, dry body brushes, jewelry, and hair clips.

Zero waste makeup
Botnia Skin Care
Organic Bar Soap
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